At n77 we work on the three essential pillars of branding: Visual identity, verbal impact and reputation management. What makes us different?  our ability to incorporate them all within a single strategy. 


Identity:  How are you perceived by customers? What is the message you are sending?

Cross cultural appeal: Do you appeal far and wide? Are you well known locally as well as abroad?

Professionalism: How carefully-curated is your visual image? Is it consistent? Is your logo meticulously designed? Do you offer a platform that other brands would like to be associated with?

Psychological impact: Are you triggering emotional responses in people through the images - and stories - you use?


Emotional Hook: Is your language emotive? Does it inspire people to get involved? Is there a sense of community?

Business Hook: How well do you work with other businesses?  

Engagement Hook: Do you create “sticky” content through real stories? Do you retain attention, and repeatedly pique people’s interest levels?


Events: Do you host events that raise interest in your project?  

Advertising: How much money do you spend on traditional advertising?


PR: Do you make use of a PR team that secures you coverage in favourable publications?

Alliances with other organisations:

Do you a) have strong allies and b) get maximum coverage out of them?

Credibility: books/films: Are you visible in the publishing sphere?

Government: Are governments keen to get on board with your project?

Social reputation: What do people say about your project in public?  

Word of mouth: Does the brand make a strong case for word of mouth coverage? I.e., are there notable stories and events that are continuously worth talking about?

Social media: Do you make the most of the social media channels available, and follow a clear social media strategy?