Despite the formidable reserves and resource base Kyrgyzstan experiences difficulties in exploring it's mineral resource potential due to low management standards, rudimentary practices and inherited operational inefficiency. For a prudent investor this could indicate a concenient entry point, as the assets are valued at a critically low level.


1. IPO of the state owned JSC “Kyrgyzaltyn”

2. Development of Jerooy gold deposit

3. Development of Tekersay Mine

4. Modernization of the Refinery

5. Development of Alluvial Gold deposits

State owned JSC Kyrgyzaltyn is the largest company of the Kyrgyz  Republic specialising in development of gold deposits.




2000 Increased its share capital to RMB1.03 billion  2005 Takeover Dapeng Securities 2006 Awarded as “Top Ten Influential Brands in Chinese Security Industry”  2007 Listing on Shenzhen Stock Exchange 2009 Awarded as “Top 100 Listed Companies for Value of China 2008” 2010 Awarded as “Most Influential Securities Companies in Chinese Securities Market over the Past 20 Years”  2011 Opening of theHong Kong branch 2012 Awarded “Hubei Best Securities Companies 2012” 2013 Awarded “Best Potential Asset Management Company Award 2013” 


Pre-IPO restructuring

Marketing & Promotion 

Quality Management


A gateway to mainland China 

Changjiang Securities Holdings 

Amangold-has been operating in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic for five years under the program of cooperation between the government of the city of Moscow and the government of the Kyrgyz Republic. The Company owns several subsidiaries and joint ventures in the Republic.


  • The company holds two licensed for mining placer gold in the Kumbeland Sarydjeldeposits with approved reserves totalling 623.6 kg. 

  • One geological exploration license for alluvial gold in the Archaly-Kumbelskiarea (48000 ha). The predictedcategory P2resourcesin the area amount to 2300 kg. 

  • The licensed areas are situated in the Narynskidistrict. 

  • In cooperation with Kyrgyz AltynJSC, a state-owned gold mining company, Rokizolis currently working on a program of development of small gold placers with expected production of 200 to 300 kg a year. 

The plans are to raise the balance-sheet reserves up to 20mt.

Reserves Fundraising. Amangold.

  • Royal Gold Plc: A Natural resources group created to own, develop and manage mining opportunities worldwide

  • PORTFOLIO: Approximately 30 million ounces of gold resources and 9 million ounces of gold reserves across 11 projects.

  • Estimated average operating cost of <US$250-300/oz due to location of assets

  • ASSETS: diverse project portfolio with assets primarily located in Mediterranean Europe and Central Asia, with substantial exploratory mining, infra-structural and development completed

  • Strong relationships with governments and local partners to ensure successful progress with different stages of delivering the projects into production stage

  • MANAGEMENT AND ENGINEERING TEAM: strong track record of identification, origination and development of diversified natural-resource opportunities with strong experience in emerging markets

  • Phase of securing assets & agreements completed; EGC’s prime focus on project development

Royal Gold Plc

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