Our marketing works internationally. In today’s world, it is critical to build a marketing strategy that extends beyond niche territories and into locations internationally.


Everyone wants to reinvent the wheel, but at N77 we prefer to create beautiful work in accordance with good design principles and add small creative touches where we can.


We think good design isn't about thinking outside the box from the start. The box should be defined first and the rules made clear so customers know what they’re looking at. Then, we draw on our creative intuition.


Our guiding principle is coherency: powerful brands employ a consistent message across all their marketing channels, which gives them a strong visual identity and and communication clarity. We adopt a commitment to coherency from the very start in order to portray a professional image for our clients.

We implement solutions that work long-term. However, every piece of work should be open to change, which is why we never create work that can’t be touched down the line. Brands need continuity to be effective, so when you embark on a project with N77, we’ll ensure you’ve got the open files, artwork and imagery you need whether you’re still working with us or not.

When you launch a brand or a product it’s tempting to want to be everywhere at once. But a far more effective tactic is to back campaigns that progress in a sequence. Through timely messaging and activations over a long period of time, you’ll remain in the collective consciousness.


At N77, we work with you in pre-planning to not only get your message right, but to ensure that every bit of marketing spend capitalizes on the groundwork laid before it, saving you money and netting you greater exposure in the process.