2. Reputation Management

What we do:

  • Build a leadership image for partners within their preferred industry  

  • Ensure an enduring presence for these clients in the public or niche domain 

  • Act as a conduit for profitable business relations 

  • Create customised solutions using advanced PR tools

  • Stage and populate company events

  • Research and integrate Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Build word of mouth and social media reputation 

  • Increase media visibility 

No matter what you’re trying to achieve, reputation is the cornerstone of business, and a good standing in the marketplace will open doors.


Every website should strive to be on a search engine’s front page and the path to get there is a process called SEO (search engine optimisation). From our side, it starts with a website audit. Here, we look at your website as a search engine might, because Google, Yahoo and co. judge you on a variety of criteria. Are your pages loading slowly? Do your images have descriptions (alternate text)? Does the site work on mobile phones?


Then, we present an SEO strategy to address your weaknesses and capitalise on your strengths. You might be posting blog articles that are appearing on third-party websites (good), but using images that are churning bandwidth (bad). We’ll work with you to work out the best path forward.

5. Product Launch

Thanks to our diverse network of influencers, we are able to generate national media exposure for just about any product that we help launch. N77 will work towards carving out a narrative and defining your product in the market. We will then work with our contacts in the media to generate you a footprint in your chosen marketplace.

Services: Copywriting, branding, visual design, communication maps, information engineering, events, product launches, website creation and more.

4. Visual solutions

Effective, recognizable brands have a defined visual identity that works across all marketing channels.


Our job is to create that visual identity; one that clearly works alongside your offering. We go to great pains to understand what your business is about so that we don’t produce artistic designs for a corporate client - and vice versa.


A strong visual identity will create a memorable first impression that lends credence to your professionalism. We favour clean designs that stick in the mind.

We believe in devoting attention to the finest details. If you work with N77, rest assured your brand, product launch or website will be poured over and brought to life in small, intricate brush strokes. We are obsessive about quality, passionate about the work we do, and cognisant of what it takes to stand out in the marketplace.


In the past, we’ve given life to projects the champion young artists in London, kick-started an ecommerce platform for a house wine brand and worked with international companies. We believe our diverse skill-set makes us the ideal partner for businesses big and small.

3. communication

Efficiency is key, and the first step is a strategy analysis: what resources are you using, what is the competition doing and can we suggest alternative solutions?


If you are starting a brand from scratch, we then work with you to settle on a visual identity that can be carried across all marketing channels, and is coherent.


Next, we make use of our network to further your reach in the marketplace.


Our aim is to free you from the rigours of branding and marketing so you can concentrate on the pillars that underpin your business: client acquisition, sales and operations.

1. Improving the efficiency of PR
/reducing marketing costs



Whether you want to launch a website, have an app that needs to be built to spec or bespoke software requirements, a trusted development partner is invaluable. We are adept at using all major website builders (Wordpress, Wix, etc) but boast extensive custom coding experience too. This has allowed us to create intricate e-commerce websites and bespoke apps tailored exactly to a client’s needs.

8. google advertising and remarketing

For a quick fix, you can use Google’s paid tools. Here, you enter an auction, in which you bid to jump to the front of the search engine giant for your industry. Because of the bidding format, your campaign needs to be carefully monitored so that you don’t overpay or underpay. We can also make real-time changes to your ad, depending on how people are reacting. Google advertising works on Youtube too.


Lastly, we offer remarketing services. This is the process of showing an ad to a customer who might have clicked on your site before, but failed to complete a transaction.  


N77 Events


Package 1:

Retainer Clients

We typically stage several events for for retainer clients throughout the year, providing a venue and a carefully-curated guest-list of 20-50 attendees;

Package 2:

Event Conceptualisation

and Branding

Looking to excite guests, drive ROI and meet your goals? We plan events that leave a lasting impression before giving you a fully-formed brief to follow. We’re also on hand to create marketing collateral: brochures, logos and website design.

Package 3:

Ticket sales and sponsorships.

Are you logistically on track, but lack name recognition? Our sponsor package finds the right partner(s) for your event/gala. In addition, we drive ticket sales through affiliated newsletter marketing.